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We help companies tap into their own potential, and overcome obstacles using proven strategies, tools and methodologies 

Our Philosophy

With the constant pressure to grow and compete always present, sometimes companies lose sight of their own inherent ability to identify solutions to their problems, and accelerate the changes necessary within their organizations.   

Whether it's a challenge as simple as streamlining a sales process, to one as complex as successfully integrating a new acquisition...  Many companies don't realize that the power to solve these challenges comes from within.     

Jigsaw Partners was founded to help companies tap into their own potential, and overcome obstacles using proven strategies, tools and methodologies aligned with innovative problem solving.   The results speak for themselves.

About Us

Our History

Jigsaw Partners, a woman-owned business, was founded by Peggy Lamp-Simar after an extensive career with major international corporations, including General Electric (GE).

Our Goal

Our goal is aligned with our Customers’:  to drive REAL bottom-line benefits through the use of proven leadership and process improvement tools and approaches.  By combining our deep functional knowledge with our ability to create a safe and productive environment, we lead companies to action.

Our Team

Our seasoned personnel bring their real world experience to show you the power to solve.

Our Founder

Peggy Lamp-Simar

Peggy has been CEO of Jigsaw Partners, a successful consulting firm, since 2008.  In this role, Peggy leads the business as well as works with customers to create situation-appropriate solutions to their challenges or needs.  She conceives, assesses, develops, and delivers solutions that incorporate industry tools related to process improvement (Work-Out, Lean, Value Stream Mapping, etc.) along with Jigsaw proprietary solutions and expertise (Change Management, Acquisition Integration, Leadership Tools, etc.).  Customers are in various industries including distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, and travel.  Projects range from a specific scope, such as improving yield, to full business assessments and recommendations.  

Previous to her role at Jigsaw Partners, Peggy was with General Electric (GE) for 20 years of progressive leadership and development across three of their businesses: Energy, Lighting and Commercial Finance.  Her rich and varied career includes roles in Sourcing, Six Sigma, Human Resources, Sales and Services.  As a Sourcing leader, she qualified and established suppliers worldwide as well as drove an initiative to reduce indirect costs across 24 North American plants.  As a Black Belt, she completed projects on the business initiatives of NPI (New Product Introduction), Span (On-time Delivery), and Digitization.  Prior to co-founding Jigsaw Partners, Peggy was Vice President for Access GE, sharing GE’s tools, practices and knowledge with its private equity customers.  In this role, she worked with over 200 companies and facilitated portfolio company improvement utilizing a variety of practical methodologies including:  Lean, Six Sigma , Acquisition Integration, “Work-Out” collaborative problem solving, process mapping analysis, and change management.    

Peggy is a GE-certified Master Black Belt and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.


Our solutions are completely customized to just about every need, but can be categorized into some general areas.  Some solutions are event & education based, where we provide a structure and format that allows a team to solve a challenge and drive change.   Some solutions are more consultative in approach, where JPC resources may work on site with your team for an extended period of time in defining and refining solutions to your challenges.  If you have a need and are not sure about which solution applies please let us know.  We have a vast array of partnerships allowing us to provide a variety of solutions or expertise for just about every business challenge.

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Acquisition Integration

It’s a fact.  The majority of acquisitions fail to realize their full potential, and EVERY acquisition is different.  Let our solutions help you educate your leadership team on what to expect and how to prepare, or let us guide your integration team to define their own plan for success.  Our customized, consultative approach addresses major pitfalls in the integration process and provide tricks and tools to aid in cultural understanding, communication, and driving the value for your acquisition dollar. 

Managing Accelerated Change

Change is easy, if you’re the one driving it.  Change that requires groups of individuals to change their culture, thinking, or process requires a lot of effort.  Our solution to managing accelerated change allows a team to plan, and effectively communicate the need for the change to get people to modify their behaviors.  Teams will learn leadership skills and tools to aid them in accelerating large change efforts, increasing acceptance of changes, and leading to overall effectiveness of change within the organization.

Business Productivity

There are a variety of tools and resources that can be used to positively impact your bottom line.  We can bring expertise to help you implement tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping, Lean, Six Sigma and Work Out.  Unlock the potential in your business to improve and grow by empowering your employees to drive change from within.

Individual Productivity

The problem with working with people is that they are people!   People’s behaviors are the sum total of life experiences, current role, and measurement/reward systems placed upon them, and as a result, don’t always act or react the way you would expect or like them to. Business Coaching is a customized solution for individuals who are looking to develop as leaders, increase personal performance, develop skills, and increase their effectiveness in working with or influencing others.


The challenges of balancing the to-do list and leading others are immense.  We offer solutions  applicable to all levels of an organization to help new leaders and teams get acquainted, ideas for driving accountability into the workforce, dealing with conflict,  and communications methodologies, and leadership coaching to improve results.

Our Customers

Our Customers come from many sizes, industries, geographies and levels of maturity.   We utilize a consultative approach in delivering solutions that are in a true partnership with our Customers.   Here are a few examples of experiences and results achieved by Customers who have benefitted from our combined work.

Decreasing replenishment cycle time

Customer:  Automotive aftermarket instrumentation manufacturer 

Business challenge:  Kanban replenishment times were steadily increasing and not supporting the current production growth curve 

The solution came in the following approach: 

       A 1 week on-site lean event with 15 cross-functional employee

  • 1 day 5S stockroom event
  • 4 days kaizen blitz:  Stockroom organization, Kanban routing, Kanban sizing

The results of the effort were:

  • A stockroom reorganization resulting in a 54% decrease in distance traveled by stockroom personnel, or 223 miles per year 
  • $340,000 in benefits generated by inventory reduction and decreased kanban replenishment cycle time.

Increasing On-Time Delivery

Customer:  International Metals Distributor & Processor 

Business challenge:  Drive implementation of management initiatives in over 100+ locations for On-Time Delivery (OTD) and Rapid response to quoting 

The solution came in the following approach: 

  • Trained over 120 company VPs and GMs on the Work Out tool, with each responsible for rolling it out in their department/ location.
  • Established company Quality team as internal mentors for the Work Out tool. 

The results of the effort were: 

  • Over 60 workouts held in the first year focused on OTD or Response time 
  • Work Out was established as a company-wide tool 
  • For each workout, a 2% increase in on-time delivery was achieved at the hosting distribution center, typically from a starting point of low to mid-90’s.  Additionally, overall company Rapid Response increased over 10% to 87%.

Increasing Company Acquisition Effectiveness

Customer:  International Card Manufacturer 

Business challenges: 

  • Incorporate 2 competitor’s businesses for mutual growth
  • Get the leadership teams working together
  • Identify opportunities for cross-pollination of operating best practices
  • Decrease integration timeline 

The solution came in the following approach:

  • On-site Acquisition Leadership session to educate acquiring leadership on common pitfalls and discuss organization of integration strategy 
  • On-site integration kickoff session with combined businesses to work through cultural differences and develop a tactical integration plan with ongoing mentoring. 

The results of the effort were: 

  • A decrease in overall integration timeline to under 6 months with joint leadership participation 
  • Identified an operational best practice to implement across the business for a potential $23M in additional revenue

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